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Andrea Borgatello, LCSW #LCS20359

Therapy for Improving Your Relationships

Ideally, all close relationships that you maintain with others should be mutually beneficial and supportive.

Often physiological issues can prevent us from having healthy relationships. I can help you get to the root of what may be causing problems in a particular relationship, or in your dealings with others in general. We can find ways to foster mutual understanding, empathy and trust.

Therapy can also benefit those who are close to someone with an eating disorder. Sometimes you need a loved one or friend to change long before they are ready to do so.

Therapy can help you navigate a difficult and painful relationship. It can teach you how to help someone else while dealing with your own stress.

I provide therapy for individuals and groups in the following areas.

• Couples
• Family
• Difficulty leaving past issues behind
• Conflict resolution
• Challenges of raising children

"The best minute you spend is the one you invest in people." - Ken Blanchard

address: 106 West Mission, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, Phone number 805-680-1216