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Andrea Borgatello, LCSW #LCS20359

Eating Disorders

Deciding to seek help for an eating disorder is not the same as a decision to change. But it’s the first step. Changing anything is difficult -- much less something that is so familiar and appears to work so well.

You may feel ambivalent or resistant. You may have little hope that anyone could understand – or that, even if they did, there’s little they could say or do to help. You may have tried and failed to change your behaviors in the past. Others may have tried to “help” through coercive means such as punishments, threats, and emotional and/or financial manipulation.

There are all very normal parts of the change process, and should be treated as such.

Regardless of your past, you deserve a future. A life free of an eating disorder, free of the daily struggle in your mind, free of the obsessive thoughts and behaviors that dictate what you will or will not do; who you will or will not be. Ultimately, you may choose to live your life with an eating disorder, but therapy can help give you the support necessary to choose change.

I understand that eating disorders are as unique as the individual suffering. When it comes to treatment, one size does not fit all. For this reason, I take a comprehensive approach to treating you – not just your symptoms.

I take an active interest in getting to know you and understanding your unique situation. I work in collaboration with you, seeing you as the ultimate expert on yourself.

If you are not sure how much help you (or someone you care about) may need, I can help you make that decision as well.

“If you get rid of the pain before you have answered its questions, you get rid of the self along with it.” – Carl Jung

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